Well. Shit.

January the 1st. 2019. Manager Andre Jenson sets up a whole new team of loans to take this club forward, now the transfer window is open he thinks “well, this can be a new start to the season.”

The New Years day fixture is Lincoln City at Cincil bank. 5th place. We, at the foot of the table could do with a win or something, but everything is tight down at the bottom, 1 point seperates the bottom 3 teams.

We draw 2-2, the bottom 2 clubs Tranmere and Macclesfield lose. Happy days, we’re out of the relegation zone and onward and upward, right?

Apparently not.


Sacked. In January. That’s a record for me I think. So yeah no longer Port Vale manager.

Well, shit.

Where did I go wrong though?

Well I’m pretty sure I didn’t do the squad review properly, it was rushed, completely haphazard and nonsensical. In fact, just look at the blog post on it, it was literally nothing. Thinking about it, I should have stuck with a simple 4-4-2. When we started to lose I switched to gegenpress and all sorts of nonsense. My team wasn’t exactly blessed with amazing quality and what little we had was on the wings. Unfortunately it was stacked on the right wing and only Whitfield was decent on the left. Which leads me to my next, and rather more major issue.

I didn’t play the loan market enough.

In my first transfer window I figured that it’d  be alright, that I didn’t need an overhaul or anything and thought that my squad was good enough for at least the first season. How wrong I was!

So I leave the Port Vale series, with a measly 3 mediocre posts and an underwhelming performance to be sure. Onwards and upwards though eh?

Now what next? I’m torn between either a new save or taking over someone else and really shitting on Vale. I’ll think on it and decide. Crewe maybe…


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