Squad Reviewing

So Straight away I wanna thank Fox in the Box, he had a ridiculously handy video which helped me figure out how to play and how to do some squad analysis, which is why you’ll see random numbers on my screenshots. Check him out.

Anyway, to Port Vale. Should we play fancy dan attacking football? Tiki Taka? Gegenpress? Fast attacking crazy intricate passing?

No, of course not, we’re in league 2 and we have this guy up front.

Tom Pope

Tom Pope – Talisman, legend, Mr Vale.

We’re blessed with a decent target man in Pope, (that I’m pretty sure I’d be lynched if I tried to drop) and a couple of good wingers and full backs in Ben Whitfield and Mitch Clark . So I’m looking at the classic 4-4-2 with wing play, hoof it to Pope and hope he does something with it. At least that’s the theory anyway, this is our ine up against the u23s.



So yeah, the theory is Clark will combine with Worrall on the right, while our left back will overlap with Whitfield and cross in for Pope to score or knock down to our more pacey strike partner. The only issue I have is we have one natural left back. He’s going to be great, but he’s 17. So we need a left back in the transfer market. I got no problems playing a teenager, but I have to have backup – a fair few players can play left back in my team but not naturally. So I’ll have to go sign a left back in pre season.

All in all, we have a relatively well balanced squad. There should be no problems hitting mid table or even playoffs this year. As long as nothing will go drastically wrong at least.

Things will go drastically wrong, won’t they?

Anyway, this is just a small post for now, a bit more of a breakdown of my team will happen when we get further in to pre season and I can watch them a little more.






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