Pre Season

Well, Pre Season is done and dusted. We’re ready for the opening game against Colchester. By being ready I mean, we’ve had a good set of results.


Good wins

I was particularly happy with the win against Bolton, we went down and came back and beat them quite easily. Which is a stark difference than Port Vale who kept going up and losing the matches.

I’ve been playing this tactic in pre season mostly.

The way I figure is I want to get the whole Juve way of thinking in early on, so attacking football where we see a lot of the ball and are quick in transition to win the ball back.

In terms of my other tactics, I’m going with a 4-4-2 wing play for games where I feel I won’t be able to keep the ball but we’re playing against a team that can be bullied at the back

We’re also going with a Gegenpress for the quality teams.

The idea here is we’ll use the press in a few games where we are up against teams that are a fair bit better than us, theoretically we can harass them to making some mistakes and try to nick a goal. Well, that’s the theory anyway.

For players, we’ll be using our immensely ridiculously sized squad of loans that I went overboard with:

Yeah, that’s a lot – I know. But the way I figure, it’s low risk as they are loans and if they don’t work out I can send them back. Besides, squad rotation will be a doddle now and I can easily do successive games with a press if I needed to. Everyone is pretty much a squad rotation player, with the exception of Tom Glover in goal.

However, these guys are going to be important to me this season:

They are going to be key as to how we do, if they fire then I can see plenty of goals and clean sheets. If they play well then we’ll play well, Hemmings already scored a couple of goals in pre season and Boldewijn has been very good so far.

We also signed Reo Coker – who is immediately installed as Vice captain.

So combined with the youngsters from the prem clubs I feel that we’re going to have a good season, playoffs for sure but I’m definitely hoping for automatic promotion from this lot.

One person who won’t be joining us on this journey though is David Vaughan

Bless the lad, he knackered his spine while lifting weights so has had to retire because he had an injury that would put him out for 15 months. At that age, that’s retirement. So yeah, that’s him done without even kicking a ball for County.

So this is my opening team, let’s hope that we don’t mess this one up.


Oh and finally, an apology. Notts County, as has been pointed out to me are not the oldest club in the world. That is Sheffield FC. What I meant from my previous post is that Notts County is the oldest Pro club in the world. So yeah, there is that. My bad.


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