Belated updates!

Real life happened! So this midweek update will basically be an end of season, what happened and what’s my hope for season 2 kinda thing, all in one, like a last minute useless sack of…You know what, never mind. WE WON THE LEAGUE (2)!

Record points as well!

This surprised me massively, I didn’t realise that we were going to be so good. We just pretty much dominated the league, beat the record for club and league in terms of points won and games won.

We got to the semi final of the Checkatrade and got humped by Sunderland, lost 4-1 in the third round of the FA cup against Spurs at their gaff (nice little earner that) and lost in the third round of the League cup to Man U, after dominating the match and getting Mourinho’d, losing 1-0.

So all in all a pretty good season really.

McGugan is a legend. Player of the season, scoring 18 from midfield.


Manager of the year for me too!


So yeah it’s all been rather good really, Our first loss was away to MK Dons, who quite frankly shithoused their way to the win but that’s by the by.


This coming season is going to be more of the same. I managed to sign a fair few good players, Glover and Hall came in permanently. Leahy came in and so did Lloyd Isgrove, who’s quickly becoming brilliant. We’re still going with the control 4-2-3-1 in league one as it served us so well in league 2. We kept possession really well with it (naturally) averaging about 60% possession and shooting like crazy with 30 odd shots in some games. It’ll be much more difficult to do this in league one, but we’ll see how it goes.

Many free signings this season, like a whole new team worth of young prem and championship players who were released. I’m particularly excited about Harry Charsley as you can see below he looks like he’s going to be brilliant. He, Isgrove and Hemming will spearhead this attack and score a lot of goals this season.



So onward and upward. A little haphazard this week, people have been in hospital and all sorts of stuff has happened, but normal service shall be resumed at the weekend.


Until then



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